fanboyism goes soo hand in hand with ignorance. If you’re a fanboy and i just offended you with that start well to bad just read on and maybe you can crawl out of stupidity. For those nonfanboys that just wanna hear someone rage over them don’t worry you are in the right place as well. First let’s make it clear. There are two types of fanboys, there are the ones that like a particular brand but they still make sure if its worth the money and when they buy it they don’t make 10 tweets and posts about it and they don’t look down on people who don’t share their love for a brand. We’re gonna call those GOOD GUY FANBOYS. Then we come to the other fanboys which we’re gonna call DOUCHEBAG FANBOYS. That is the group where we put all those who just can’t accept that the stuff they paid for may not be the total best of what the market has to offer. It is truly remarkable to se wild fanboys dramatically defending their godlike brands. Oh but guess what, the people the are having those epic battles with them , they aren’t reasonable people ether. NOPE they are other stupid fanboys. So what do smart people do in this great times of war of stupidity. We can usually find them somewhere nearby wishing they could move to another planet or something. And what happens when someone  tells them fanboys that their wars don’t make sense. Their like ooowww yeah but you are using an android and you have a ps4 soo you’re a fanboy too. I really hope most of you can see the stupidity here but for 99% of you i will explain. I never said I’m not buying stuff that I like cuz that would be totally stupid. I just buy what i like at the moment knowing my oppinion may not be shared by everybody else and I don’t give a shit. then what happens when company I’m currently using comes out with another product, i don’t run out and buy it without thinking like most fanboys do. A lot of the times I even change the brand cuz I like something else. I also don’t try to convince people why i made the right choice just to be sure they think I’em cool. I know it was the best decision for me and if i don’t think it was then i admit that i made the wrong choice and so far I’ve lived just fine.  So if any of you fanboys still remains to this point here is my final advice. People can see through you insecurities so just stand behind your choices, admit your mistakes and people will respect you for it even if they don’t show it.


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