In da club

I always wanted to talk about social oriented problems. A lot of stuff comes to my mind. Today i want to talk about one of them. Immature and underaged teenagers in clubs. So i know what a lot of you are going to say: “naah don’t act like some strict parent” , but i think it should be common sense, that immature and underaged teenagers should NOT go out drinking & clubbing. One time i was with my girlfriend at a local club. Actually i was still waiting in a line, a long ass line. I found myself looking around a lot, so i saw 2 (13-15) year old, blond spoiled girls. And when i say seriously drunk, i mean they were dead drunk. Ok so now we have very young girls at 11 pm, drunk in front of the club. They shouldn’t even be outside at that time, its illegal. They skipped the whole line, and ran straight into security. Those girls were too drunk to even notice that they bumped into security guards. Of course they did NOT let them in. So what bothers me about that? Fucking parents who should be there for them to slap their stupid face so they can become a responsible adult in the future, but hahaha who em I kidding there parents are irresponsible stupid shits themselves. The fact that they are irresponsible is the very reason why they forgot to use the condom in the first place. But still It’s not right to be that age, and to be so drunk. And I’m not against drinking, I find myself drinking quite a lot, but I’m against little girls drinking. Why? Health? No that’s the last thing they should give fuck. You can get hurt, raped, lost and all kinds of shit. GHB is real I’ve seen this shit for myself (no i wasn’t raped nor did i rape anyone, i was around wrong people). And it’s not hard to get it. So if you have some “rapist” in you, and if you see young blond girl drunk as hell..why not? The drug is easy to get and cheap, and easy to use. But honestly i don’t care. It’s just not the right feeling to see little kids in the club spilling your drink because they can’t walk straight. Grow up first.


2 thoughts on “In da club

  1. Boy! I love Ur style of writing. Fast , brash and always on point. One doesn’t need to agree with everything you see but you make your points clear.
    You are right. Kids shouldn’t be drinking but its jet age and people are growing up fast, faster than its necessary to. Some Parents are not just irresponsible, they lack necessary parenting skills. They shouldn’t even be parents in the first place. How can you as a parent say a 12yr old has gone out of hand? What were you doing when she was younger? What can I say, everyone to his own cross.


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