luck vs luck

I don’t see luck as other people do. Most people see luck as a factor that will determine if they succeed or fail. Most of them believe that when it’s over. They were unlucky so it is what it is. I don’t see it that way and nether should you. Luck does not determine if you are going to succeed or not but simply how many tries it will take to succeed. Continue reading “luck vs luck”


Shame the stupid

People really don’t take well when you call them or someone else stupid. It’s considered so mean to call someone an idiot even if he is an idiot. If some ignorant fuck keeps screaming about something he knows nothing about he is clearly an idiot, but when you do that people are always like c’mon man don’t call him that he is human too. I am sorry officer of morality did I hurt his stupid feelings. For some stupid reason our society considers it immoral to make stupid people be ashamed of their stupidity. Continue reading “Shame the stupid”

Delusional nobody

There are people who just don’t care. Teenagers with no vision and no thoughts about their future. Usually these are low IQ individuals who never looked up to anyone or had really stupid parents that we’re no ones themselfs. The problem is that they are not aware of all the challenges life has to offer. Middle class is disappearing and soon there will be rich families and poor families. Continue reading “Delusional nobody”


Let me start by saying that I really respect some elders and I always get surprised about the amount of knowledge some of them can offer me. But what is the problem then. Most of us have been taught to always respect and obey our elders, but most of them aren’t so wise as we all think. You see I am a big believer that respect must be earned, but kids are being and have been for generations taught that we must listen, obey and respect our elders just cause they’re old. Now here comes the ugly truth. Continue reading “OLD = IGNORANT”

Vegetarians and vegans

That one‘s gonna offend some people but ether way it’s the truth. First let’s focus on vegans here cuz you have to say they are pretty weird but all judgement aside lets look at some facts
1. vegans have a difficult time getting some very important nutrients which can be especially dangerous for kids.
-they ain’t getting no vitamin B12.
-no animal proteins.
-no creatine
-no omega-3 Continue reading “Vegetarians and vegans”


Hello my friend how are you? Good okay let us proceed. Today we will be talking about something a little less intense instead of what is usually on the menu. Today we will talk about flowers and candy. Ohh really? Course not that was a lie. We will talk about the infamous BAD WORDS and why they make no fucking sense. So next time someone tells you not to use those course words you can slap this page to their pathetic face cuz emmm u know that will show em.

Let us proceed. Here are the nominees ( TATATADADA ) Continue reading “BAD WORDS -_-“