Hello my friend how are you? Good okay let us proceed. Today we will be talking about something a little less intense instead of what is usually on the menu. Today we will talk about flowers and candy. Ohh really? Course not that was a lie. We will talk about the infamous BAD WORDS and why they make no fucking sense. So next time someone tells you not to use those course words you can slap this page to their pathetic face cuz emmm u know that will show em.

Let us proceed. Here are the nominees ( TATATADADA )

SHIT – you say this when something bad happens and stuff or to people that are somehow bad or weak or I guess stinky or whatever. That sort of shit gives shit a  bad reputation don’t you think. You know what! Dont shit for 2 weeks then take a shit and then come back to me to report on how AWESOME it was to take a shit.

FUCK ( shits older brother ) – FUCK we are here. We all knew this word will be included and I must say I em quite a fan of it myself. It is just so short and melodic. It’s just a joy to say don’t ya all think. Unfortunately out little word friend here has quite a reputation for being a NO NO  word and will sure send parents and teachers running after you for saying it. But don’t feel bad little buddy cuz they are stupid. You hear me? THEY ARE STUPID since FUCK is indeed pretty fucking AWESOME in all aspects. And guess what. If we want to we can even use it to make babies with it. Well aint that cool. So next time when some moral douchebag comes running after you please kindly ask him/her how did their parents managed to get a kid without FUCKING. Ok im glad we cleared that one out.

MOTHERFUCKER – im gonna deal quickly with that one cuz i just dont care. Look YOUR mom got FUCKED, my mom got FUCKED and pretty much everybody elses mom got FUCKED at least once. That is ladies and gentleman how you were made (drums) thank you.

ASSHOLE – well i could kinda understood why that one would be considered a bad one IF WE WOULD LIVE IN the middle ages. Cuz then getting to see and asshole from close up was kinda hard unless if u managed to sneak a peek without your wife and god(duh) seeing while she was asleep and even then it was probably real stinky and hairy and just aaaaa enough . Since you probably noticed that we are indeed not in the middle ages saying this word is a bad one is kinda stupid and here’s why. Porn industry in recent decades showed us that asshole can indeed be a beautiful thing and is to some people way more interesting than vagina. Second anal hygiene really has improved in recent decades so assholes may not be so dirty anymore. Third if you wouldn’t have an asshole and therefore could not crap you would pretty much die since shit has to go somewhere. Once again try not to shit for a few weeks and you will see how much you suddenly like your asshole.

PUSSY – i can’t tell you how happy I em to do this one OW my OW my. It is truly a joy since it has been bothering me for quite some time now. We usually call guys pussy when they refuse or can’t do something that is considered manly. And it would make sense since vaginas are sensitive and shit but there are also balls that are way more sensitive. And I can’t tell for sure but from my investigations as a Man I pretty much concluded that hitting someone in Zi (<– not a mistake) balls is more painful that hitting a girl into Zi vagina.

DICK – I cant really get the origins of that one. girls or iven guys (dont judge) usually call guys a dick when they like wont help you with something or are mean in some way. But why? That one clearly had to come from the feminist side since I would have never in my right mind say that dick is a bad thing. My dick has always been loyal to me and hasn’t turn on me once since the day I meet him and I would never ( sorry girls ) replace him for a vagina of any kind. I em no antifeminist but from the evidence we can clearly come to a conclusion that some girls are as a matter of fact just jealous ( oooo he didn’t ).


One thought on “BAD WORDS -_-

  1. The word pussy for vagina–who cares? The word pussy as an insult meaning cowardly? Sexist to the max. Quit calling people female to insult them. Just stop it.

    Wussy is a variation of pussy. Same sh#t. Stop using it.

    Or keep using these terms, keep saying to your male friends “What are you–a girl?”, and display your sexism proudly.

    I used to object to douche and douchebag for the same reason–the original impetus behind the insult came from sexism–but some feminists pointed out that the very device is sexist (yes–I totally agree–women never need to wash out their insides with anything. If they wanna scoop out a guy’s cum, use a clean finger. Douching is harmful to us, as a matter of fact). Marketing of douches to women is extreme female-shaming, so go for it–I’m now happy to hear it used as an insult.

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