Have you ever been told by someone that mobile phones and computers are corrupting our youth? That we spend way too much time on computers, online etc.. And I gotta admit, to some extend they’re right…to some extend I said. How do we define word corrupt? Corrupt is sort of the opposite of ideal. So is technology really corrupting young people? NO! Every time we use our computers or mobile devices or tablets or whatever…. Our brains are constantly working and that is my first point. Secondly I would like to ask “technophobic” people: what’s the problem of staying connected with your friends 24/7? The answer is mostly that we don’t spend enough time outside but is that really sooo wrong? I think that is EXTREMELY debatable and in my defense I can say that I get lots of fresh air in my room since I regularly open my window. But then again the technophobic one can argue with me that i don’t get enough exercise for my body to be healthy…. Well I got 4 hours of sports class in my school a weak so I guess that is at least something ( most adults don’t exercise that much ). Plus I walk a lot, like at least an hour a day if you sum my route from the bus station to my house and from the bus station to school and vise versa. So i think it’s right to say that high tech is changing us. We are getting smarter, we can access all the news faster. Smart phones are becoming like portable web browsers, all the information we want in like 2 taps (or however touching a touchscreen is called). So don’t listen to people telling you technology is corrupting us. They are technophobic. And just remember that everything has its pros and cons.


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