Vegetarians and vegans

That one‘s gonna offend some people but ether way it’s the truth. First let’s focus on vegans here cuz you have to say they are pretty weird but all judgement aside lets look at some facts
1. vegans have a difficult time getting some very important nutrients which can be especially dangerous for kids.
-they ain’t getting no vitamin B12.
-no animal proteins.
-no creatine
-no omega-3
2. There is NO and I say it again NO health reason to completely avoid animal food.
-people are stupid so they avoid animal food because a lot of animals get killed in the process. Well that’s survival of the fittest. And animals kill and had killed each other ever since they existed “duh”. Also animals are not aware of death and even if we abandon meat completely it is not like cow and pigs are gonna become anything more that cows and pigs. It’s not like we aren’t giving them oprotunity to achieve something greater. In the end of the day they are just animals.

3.No officially recognized studies confirm that vegan or vegetarian diets are better than other. And most doctors will tell you that taking meat out of your menu is a stupid idea.

Okay now if you’re a vegetarian or a vegan you probably hate me. But that’s okay. It’s not wrong being a vegan or vegetarian. But what IS wrong is forcing this bullshit on your children. Don’t force them to be something they know nothing about! Listen to doctors cuz most of them studied those things (most of them). They will tell you what’s is probably the best for your child. When they grow, they will learn and make their OWN choices and at that point they can decide to be vegan if they so chose. BUT WAIT em I being over dramatic. NO. Back in the elementary school I had a classmate that was a vegan since his family were all vegans duh. The fact that he was secretly eating burgers after school proves that he didn’t really like being vegan and why should he since nobody else was, but there is more. That poor kid was bullied 24/7 and I doubt the reason was that he was a vegan.( hell we didn’t even know what being vegan means ) The real reason was that he didn’t had a single muscle on his body( yeye I know that’s not possible ) what I em saying is he was really skinny and when I say skinny I mean REAL skinny.  He couldn’t throw a basketball, he couldn’t kick the football and he sure couldn’t do a single push up. One day our class was on a field trip and they gave us sandwiches with baloney and forgot that one poor soul in our class shouldn’t eat baloney but he was hungry soooo he just ate it without much resistance. Next day his stupid mother called the police and accused the school of poisoning her child. its been almost 9 years from that and I still can’t find a word that would describe such stupidity. long story short school had to apologize and that was it. I always felt bad for his poor guy and until the eighth grade I though that he had some kind of a disease since he was sooooo skinny and he was always eating different food then us. But then one day I finally asked him. He told me and I quote  “I ain’t sick im just vegan”. he explained what that means and I said ” why so ” and he just said ” my mother said so” and that was it. Even now I still feel kinda bad for this guy. sometimes its hard to see clearly through all the bullshit society is telling us but you can indeed see through it if you try. Nowadays people are telling us that we must be ashamed of what we are as a human species. Wherever they are talking about how we eat, act or about out sexual desires ignore them. We are who we are and If that means that we like meat then that’s ok . Once again my people if you want to be a vegan, vegetarian or whatever then FINE, DO IT but please DON’T make your kids do it. YOU HAD A CHOICE SO LET THEM HAVE IT AS WELL.


4 thoughts on “Vegetarians and vegans

  1. I really liked the part where you said do not force being vegan on your children, I strongly agree. It is like forcing your kid to choose a certain hobby or major in school. We try our best to raise independent children with freedom of choice.

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  2. Sources?

    It is the position of the American Dietetic Association that appropriately planned vegetarian diets, including total vegetarian or vegan diets, are healthful, nutritionally adequate, and may provide health benefits in the prevention and treatment of certain diseases.

    Also the china study.

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    1. We are only expressing our opinion sir, but I am sure you can find plenty of sources online that will support our opinion. I agree with you that those diets can be indeed health in some cases but not as a way of life and especially not for kids who need resources found in meat to successfully develop. We were mostly talking about bad sides of those diets that can be indeed countered with some effort. We also talked about how those diets can be very harmful for children and that kids should have a choice concerning diets that can potentially scar them for life.

      Thank you for taking the time to respond to our opinion sir.


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