Delusional nobody

There are people who just don’t care. Teenagers with no vision and no thoughts about their future. Usually these are low IQ individuals who never looked up to anyone or had really stupid parents that we’re no ones themselfs. The problem is that they are not aware of all the challenges life has to offer. Middle class is disappearing and soon there will be rich families and poor families.

I see kids dropping out of high schools like its nothing. It’s 2015 you almost MUST have a degree at something. You know no school = no paper = no job. Of course you can be self-employed, but its better to have a backup plan then to die trying. Also if you for example want to start your own company, you got to have some sort of knowledge about something. The point that I’m trying to make is everyone should learn. If you really hate school, go learn how to do something that you can make a living off. It’s hard to make money out of nothing, the only way I can think of is actually being born into a rich family. And even then most parents encourage their kids to do something useful. Money may not be the most important thing in the world but it sure is better to have problems and to cry in a brand new Mercedes than in some old car. Jokes aside money is important. There is an economic crisis going on and people are loosing their jobs every day. Do you want to end up on welfare or do you want to live your life careless with money to spend? well here’s an advice: Stop wasting time and learn something valuable.

If you chose to ignore my advice well we always need someone to pick up the garbage might ass well be you.


2 thoughts on “Delusional nobody

  1. I disagree with your contention that “no school = no paper = no job.” There are any number of so-called blue collar careers such as being a welder, machinist or mechanic that pay extremely well. They require some education, but probably more hands-on training than anything else. Some folks are geniuses with their hands rather than with books and there will always be a livelihood for those types. Not everyone is cut out for college, but that doesn’t mean they’re stupid or that they can’t do very well for themselves.


    1. I never said people who dont attend school are stupid. We’re not much of a school lovers ourselves:) You are right you can get a job but what I was trying to say is that in MOST cases you need some sort of education to get employed. Other than that your point is correct.

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