Shame the stupid

People really don’t take well when you call them or someone else stupid. It’s considered so mean to call someone an idiot even if he is an idiot. If some ignorant fuck keeps screaming about something he knows nothing about he is clearly an idiot, but when you do that people are always like c’mon man don’t call him that he is human too. I am sorry officer of morality did I hurt his stupid feelings. For some stupid reason our society considers it immoral to make stupid people be ashamed of their stupidity. Now take this and combine it with the freedom of speech. What will you get is a bunch of people going around talking complete nonsense and nobody is stopping them. And what is worse is that stupidity is incredibly infectious and it spreads like a fucking plague. For example if someone says that Mozart was a gardener and nobody slaps him in him stupid face then there is a HUGE chance a few of other idiots will hear that and soon you will have 10 people who think Mozart was a fucking gardener. Way to go humanity. WAIT WAIT WAIT now comes the best part ooo you’re gonna love this shit well here it is…… after that those stupid fucks will go around trying to share their wrong opinions with other lucky members of this GREAT planet and sometimes they will happen to run into an educated individual that will tell them nononono Mozart was not a gardener. He was a composer. But that poor soul will be 1 against 10 or 5 or 3 or whatever, point is he will be outnumbered and they will all be like OMG DUDE UR SO DUMB Mozart wasn’t no composer and that intelligent sir will just say whatever and go about his day while the horde will keep marching forward in order to make more people complete idiots. U SEE that is what happens when calling people names is considered a bad thing and if that is the way we as a species are taking then lets close schools and save some money cuz we are just postponing our own doom.

Aaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh okay maybe closing schools would not be a good idea. Look if your reading this your are by my standards a hero. Yes you’re a goddamn hero you hear me because stupid people wouldn’t even stick up to this point in the article but you did and for that I applaud you great sir. Now listen to me your are our only hope and you need to desperately spread this message to other intelligent people. Tell them that from this day on whenever they see a stupid person they should call them an idiot or dumb fuck or whatever really that will make them feel bad for their stupid little existence. That way they will be forced to educate themselves, they will also be forced to think before they talk and most importantly…..STUPIDITY wont be considered cool anymore. That and only that is the way to push human race forward. Thank you sir for reading this and Godspeed.


6 thoughts on “Shame the stupid

    1. That is very true madam, but it is the sacrifice we have to make in order to make this world a better place. Sometimes just expressing your point is enough to make people question themselves.


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