I got a question for everyone who’s into fitness: why do most of you take a picture every time you train, before every shower to show your abs and basically every time you don’t have a shirt on you’re taking pictures. This fitness narcissism is a real epidemic. I workout myself but I feel like some people go to fitness ONLY to take pictures and brag about it. For who do you train? For us or for yourselves? I’ve even experienced someone making fun of me because I was eating French fries. We get it you guys live healthier than us ( im not sure all those supplement are totally healthy but ok ), leave us alone. And just to let you guys know you’re not cool if you’re mixing your protein powder in front of everyone, you look corny as hell. Don’t get me wrong its nothing wrong with training and having a diet, but its silly when you try to force your opinion on us. Like there is something wrong with us because we don’t do fitness or some sort of diet that you like. So fitness boys please, train for yourselves not for us. We don’t need to see your abs everyday because you upload pictures with abs all the time cuz belive me everybody can see true your insecurities. I can see, your friends can see and girls can definitely see. Get rid of narcissism and work for yourself.



  1. I beg to differ here. It may not be narcissism all the time , some people like to track their progress and trust me , taking pics and posting them is motivating to one’s own self as well as to others , but of course if done in moderation !

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