I have closed and reopened that topic more times than anyone should in one life, but I think I got it this time. I’m starting with what really mater to me in life and that is happiness. I consider myself quite intelligent and I often see how many people just doesn’t see a lot of things that are wrong in this world. They just go right pass them without ever thinking about them while smart people often get angry for things they can’t change at the moment but are still there. intelligent people also often have A TON OF WHAT IFS and they are constantly thinking about them while many others just enjoy what they have. WHO DO YOU THING IS MORE HAPPY HERE. I think the answer is clearly the not so smart people since they can’t worry about something they don’t know. I have spoken to a lot of really smart people over the years of my young life and they all seem to have this problem. Then I also have this friends who are not really all that smart  and you can clearly say that when having a conversation with them, but I like them and I mean no disrespect to them. In fact I kinda envy them since they are some of the happiest people I know. They don’t ever worry about reaching their true potential, being rich, their legacy or any of that. They just life their life enjoying every moment to the fullest and I truly envy them. There is also story from when I was 16 and my girlfriend was a volunteer at the hospital for Intellectually disabled or challenged kids and she was always telling me to come with her soo one time I did. What happened was a truly life changing experience for me. I went their expecting to find sad and miserable kids but I found some of the most happy human being I have ever known. Most of those kids are in no way smart but they  don’t know that so they don’t care. They live in total ignorance but it’s not their fault so they can truly be happy. They life in a bubble that I like to call perfect ignorance.

Some of you will say that I am wrong and that being smart is a great gift and I agree, but it is also a great burden. Needles to say I still haven’t come to a complete conclusion here so if you got an opinion please share it in the comments.


3 thoughts on “IS IGNORANCE A BLISS?

  1. No offense, but the intelligence you speak of is missing in your writing. I see grammatical errors, and calling people (children especially) retarded. Retarded is a poor choice of wording. Intellectually disabled is a much better way of describing them. The actual politically correct way. Which would actually not offend potential readers. Some people do have them as family members, and can’t stand to hear people refer to them like that.

    There are very smart people who choose not to worry about the things they can’t change. It isn’t that they don’t care. They just feel there is no point in dwelling on things they can’t do anything about. I think we can be smart, and find happiness by trying to fix the things we can, and dismiss the things we can’t find any reasonable or even possible solution to change. Not that we should ignore these altogether. Just not let the issues fester.

    Good article. Clean some things up, and it will be much more pleasurable reading them.

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