WHY are you not rich?

Why are you not rich?

Wealth will not bring you happiness but neither will poverty!

How many times have you heard that rich people aren’t happy. If you believe this then you’re lying to yourself and you know it. Rich people aren’t happy cliché is just an excuse for those who are too weak to go for what they want in life. There is another cliché that is even more crazy. It is you have to be born for greatness cliché and it’s a lie. That cliché was maybe true a hundred years ago but IT IS DEFINITELY NOT TRUE TODAY. We all live in the best times that have ever existed on this planet and we are still looking for excuses. I believe that in today’s world you can make money almost out of everything. The only thing stopping you from doing it is yourself. You have to decide what you want and then start your journey towards it. People those days often forget that there lives are limited and that every minute you waste on something you will later regret is a failure. Lastly i’m going to tell you my deepest fear. It is getting old and realizing how many opportunities there were that I didn’t took. Remember you don’t want to die knowing you were too scared and lazy to go for what you wanted.

What ever happens always follow your passion and never give up. That way success has to come eventually.

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