Money = Evil ?


One of the most common misconceptions: money changes you. I can’t even tell you how stupid this phrase is.

Let me tell you that money doesn’t change you, it just enhances what you really are.

For example if deep down you are evil, you are gonna do more evil with a lot of money, because you know money = power. But if you’re a good person, you’re going to use some of that money to help others.

Now I am not saying every good rich person is going to  help others financially but I’m giving you an example. People will try to tell you that money changes you because they were never successful and its like an excuse to them and it became so popular almost everyone believes it. Whatever you are when you are broke will only get enhanced when you get a lot of money. Whatever you do when you’re broke, you are going to do more when you’re rich. So don’t say money is evil because It is us who are the problem.

Be smart, be successful, learn new useful stuff, educate yourself

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7 thoughts on “Money = Evil ?

  1. My mother is a huge beater of this drum. By no means are we rolling in Benjamins rich, but my husband and I are far more comfortable than my mother would like. We use the money to enrich our family. Annual trips to Disneyworld, an exotic trip for us once a year. We are able to afford season passes to museums and other local family related places so that our children are able to attend them on a regular basis. We are able to afford any classes or sports they may be interested in, my mom wouldn’t even be able to pay the one time 20 dollar fee for me to be able to join a school sponsored drug free activist group. Most of our fights were over things that had to be purchased for activities in school projects, like a bag of m&m’s or bringing a baked good, “we can’t afford this,” she would start, “what do the real poor people do, are they bringing something?!” Looking back…I think we were those people. I love where I came from, I learned allot about overcoming hardship, but I want to set my family up with the best opportunities for success, that’s how money has changed us.

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  2. You have quite a bit of interesting points, but proper grammar and formatting is missing from your posts. It is somewhat forgivable if you’re young or have another mother language, but it still makes your posts hard to read.

    The first you could do is focusing on the way the post is built up. Separate it into paragraphs and have clear sentences. So far, it seems like you’re just rambling out your thoughts without organizing them.

    Apart from that, this is a very interesting blog that picks on subjects that not many others talk about, because they’re not intelligent enough to understand their own fallacious ideas.

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    1. Thank you sir!

      Yes we are all very young and english is not our mother language but we don’t want to use it as an excuse. Thank you for your tips, we will fix and work on the things you mentioned since we really appreciate all the tips and criticism.


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