Raising a generation of idiots!


Yes they are sheep, but it is not their fault. It is the school system that is corrupt.

Have you ever seen a kid in school who was marked as a rebel or problematic by teacher.He is always asking questions that undermine authority, he is rejecting following rules and he does things his own way.

Those kids have really hard time in school but are usually the most intelligent of all since they posses one skill that most people lack.

That is critical thinking.  Because of that those kids demand a real reason for doing pointless tasks and will not obey blind orders and won’t do busy work with no purpose.

I think schools are doing that on purpose. They don’t want to make kids into adults who can think for themselves but they want to have adults who will not question orders and will follow authority blindly. That way those adults will be easy to manipulate for political parties and big corporations. In other words they are raising a generation of idiots while punishing any kid who question and rebel against the system.

School should not be based on useless busy work but on debates that would encourage kids to draw their own conclusions instead of just being told what to think.

How many times have you heard someone wonder why he/she has to study something and no one could provide them with a solid answer.

THAT SHOULD BE CONSIDERED A FUCKING CRIME. No one should be forced to study anything if there is no solid explanation when and where he might need this. This type of time wasting has become so common and normal in our society and it’s pathetic beyond words.

The function of education is to teach one to think intensively and to think critically. Intelligence plus character – that is the goal of true education

Martin Luther king, Jr.


4 thoughts on “Raising a generation of idiots!

  1. Good points. The most destructive influence in my view is the political correctness which has completely taken over the education system in the West. Socialism is the official ideology of the publicly funded universities the world over. If, as a student, you question the premise of income re-distribution and social interference by the state you will have a hard time getting your assignments accepted. Whether or not one agrees with income re-distribution is a different matter but the old conservative liberal model should be a valid view to hold at an academic institution. It is not – the socialist lecturers will eat you alive. This is wrong.

    Where I slightly disagree is that I believe the bug of critical thinking is a chronic disease. If you get it is incurable but if you are immune to it it cannot be taught. In this sense critical thinking does not necessarily need to be fostered at schools because most check-out operators, truck drivers and panel-beaters do not need it to get by. I will not bore you with my life story but I grew up under communism where only one official ideology was acceptable yet here I am, 35 years on, blogging about what I think about the world. My views have evolved but the urge to think is the same, although it was certainly not fostered by the schools.

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