In Da Club 2.0

Let me start off by saying I have nothing against alcohol and clubbing. what I’m going to talk about is immature youngsters getting drunk and totally annoying other people who just want to have fun and enjoy their time. I’m not even mad if you’re underage for a club and you somehow get in, you have a couple of drinks and a good time. But every time, literally EVERY time I go out I see a group of 13/14-year-old kids drunk as fuck. They can’t even have a good time cause they feel sick and dizzy. Why?

Society made them believe that drinking is cool and the only way to have fun. But OK you’re 14, and if you had a couple of drinks it’s not going to hurt you all that much ( what do i know ). But why getting so drunk you can’t even look straight. That my friends is fucked up and I’ll tell you why:

1. When you’re 13/14 your body is in a middle of a process called puberty and it’s developing. It’s a very bad time to consume large amount of drugs, any type of drugs. So basically it will be even worse than when adults use drugs.

2. You can get addicted. Alcohol is an addictive drug and alcoholism is a serious, serious problem.

3. You can get hurt. When you’re drunk you do stupid stuff, everybody knows that. There is like a million ways to get hurt or hurt somebody else.

4. You look stupid.

If you’re a parent it’s your job to decide when to let your kid go out. Tell them that they don’t have to get crazy drunk to be interesting and to have fun. ¬†They won’t listen at first but eventually thew might understand.

Small amounts of alcohol can make your night, large amounts can ruin it.


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