Person: You’re watching this movie again?
Old person: Yes I am.
Person: Why don’t you watch something new?
Old person: Ah no, newer movies are terrible. Movies aren’t what they used to be anymore.                                                    

The example I showed you is a phenomenon I call MIDDLE AGE IGNORANCE, and it has become increasingly
common amongst people or maybe it has always been that way idn.

When people grow older, they usually come to a point from where they will
refer to them as old.

That can be in their 60s, 50s, 40s or even 30s. When that happens they usually
decide that they will stop being open to the new things, especially art and entertainment, so they
will only listen, watch and read the old stuff from their younger years that they enjoyed, after that
old stuff will be referred to as classic and newer stuff will become stupid, shitty or just crap.

Even though I’m very young, I can understand the motivations and temptations behind that, but you
have to admit, that it is incredibly stupid and ignorant.

Our world is full of awesome and exciting things for us to discover and enjoy and to at some point
in your life decide to just stop exploring is just stupid.

I do on the other hand know one elderly gentleman who is extremely open-minded and spends a lot of his time
listening to modern music and discovering young people’s culture, he even plays games and watches
movies with his grandchildren and you can tell that he enjoys it.

Some people really miss out on a lot of stuff that the world has to offer, just because they think
they are to old for it. If you happen to be an exception, then I do applaud you good sir/ ma’am.

“You can’t help getting older, but you don’t have to get old.



  1. I won’t take exception to that post, I am 60 1/2 and watch some of that stupid, shitty, crap that is being made these days. There are very few new or original ideas out there. Too much of the current music I don’t classify as music, though there are instruments being used. The lyrics are either like someone that can’t sing ( rap ) or the growl that just doesn’t do anything for me. I do throw the football around with the kids, and even show them how to catch lizards, but, I am old.

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  2. A lot of it is crap. Movies were better in my opinion in the past. Now it is all rehashed plots, etc. There are some great movies that come out, but for the most part a lot are just trash. I stay current, but some things are what they are to us. Just like how it will be for you. The movies we grow up with help develop our interests. So when we see a movie that is basically a rehashed plot, it is trash. Unless it is done really well. I think many would agree the old Star Wars movies were far better than the new ones. There is also the opposite though. Many would believe the Dark Knight series of Batman movies are far superior to the older ones.

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    1. I absolutely agree with you sir. Most of modern movies are crap to us as well but there are always bad movies out there and there are always amazing ones. All we’re asking is to give them a chance. Thank you sir.

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