We’re going to speak about drug law and drug legalization.

We see states in America legalizing and decriminalizing marijuana. First let’s make  clear on what legalization means vs decriminalizing.

Decriminalization is the abolition of criminal penalties in relation to certain acts, perhaps retroactively, though perhaps regulated permits or fines might still apply. It just means that when marijuana is decriminalized, it’s not a CRIME to own it, you will not go to jail or to court or get a criminal record. But you can still be fined.

Legalization is a process of removing prohibition against something which is currently not legal.
So how do we benefit from legalizing soft drugs? There is a lot of violence on the streets connected to drug trafficking and selling. If we legalize marijuana and other soft drugs we can stop a lot of violence. It’s also a bit unfair to treat people that just want to get high as criminals. If a teenager smokes a joint he’s a criminal. You can get a criminal record from just sitting in a park and smoking a joint. So in most countries around the world having a criminal record will kinda ruin your life since people will think twice before hiring you and for what, being a stupid teenager who was foolish enough to get cough smoking a joint or just carrying it. That’s not criminal that’s just stupid.

What we all should know is that kids are curious and if thew want to try marijuana they will because THEY CAN. So if we can’t stop them from getting it let’s teach them how to use it.
So the first step should be decriminalization. Making it non criminal would benefit us: People who get caught with small amounts of lets say, marijuana, would not be considered as criminals. But that wouldn’t stop the black market. For that we need legalization?
Making soft drugs legal like alcohol would stop drugs being sold on the black market. You don’t see a lot of alcohol on the black market, do you? Therefore you don’t see a lot of violence related to selling alcohol.
Like I said, if someone wants to smoke marijuana, he’s going to buy marijuana from a street dealer thus making profit for a real criminal. If we make it legal and tax it we will at least make some money.

Also I would like you all to remember about alcohol and how widely accepted it is. With that in mind you can finish this argument yourself.


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