Person: You’re watching this movie again?
Old person: Yes I am.
Person: Why don’t you watch something new?
Old person: Ah no, newer movies are terrible. Movies aren’t what they used to be anymore.                                                    

The example I showed you is a phenomenon I call MIDDLE AGE IGNORANCE, and it has become increasingly
common amongst people or maybe it has always been that way idn. Continue reading “MIDDLE AGE IGNORANCE”

WHY are you not rich?

Why are you not rich?

Wealth will not bring you happiness but neither will poverty!

How many times have you heard that rich people aren’t happy. If you believe this then you’re lying to yourself and you know it. Rich people aren’t happy cliché is just an excuse for those who are too weak to go for what they want in life. There is another cliché that is even more crazy. Continue reading “WHY are you not rich?”